Starting a Project

There’s a great program that started during my time during undergraduate that provides space and resources to entreprenuerial students. After graduating I’ve tried to do my best to stay in touch with the program and dedicate some of my personal time in giving back to a program that helped me and the companies I was a part while at school. I’ve reached out to help again this summer, and it got me thinking about what time of information I would present.

I’m going to outline some of the topics I feel I can speak to, and other topics that I have less tangible experience with but have a “plan of action”. If I speak to a topic that I have less experience with, I’d like to put myself in a situation where I can experience that, and follow what I’ve written about in that specific topic & then revise my content.

Some topic ideas below:

  • Planning a short-term project
  • Localized features
  • Slimming down “the grand vision” (full-featured product to MVP)
  • Boilerplating