Improving Typing

I’ve never taken a proper typing class, and it shows. Currently I finger-peck (or hunt and peck, which sounds much cooler) which has served me well so far, but I’ve reached the limit of my typing speed and it’s becoming increasingly frustrating to type this style. It often causes me to “reset” my hand position if it drifts to one side or the other, and causes more typos than I care to admit. Finger-pecking also results in loud typing much to the annoyance of anyone nearby. There’s an additional factor of pure vanity - it looks much more professional to type in the traditional touch typing method.

Over the next few months, I plan to make the transition to touch typing. I’m interested in how the process of relearning a skill I use in both my professional and personal life, and how that will impact my daily productivity. Much of my typing ability now relies on muscle memory, so the process will likely be frustrating and tedious.

I’ve set a daily reminder through the Productive app to practice typing for 30 minutes a day using the Typist Mac app.

For recordkeeping, my current WPM is 68, with a CPM of 338. Calculated at