Senior SW Engineer / Team Lead, Capital One (Acquired Freebird in August 2020) — August 2020 - Present

Senior SW Engineer, Freebird — July 2017 - August 2020

Web consumer product to search, surface, and select flight rebooking option. Internal microservice architecture to enable flight search, ticket booking, and itinerary fetching with the GDS via Scala applications. Team of 15-25.

Technologies: scala, ruby, node.js, rails, postgres, AWS ECS, convox

SW Engineer, Tablelist — April 2016 - June 2017

Web & mobile consumer product was a platform providing a marketplace between nightlight venues and customers. Included an enterprise web platform to help venues manage their guests and reservations, market to customers, and provide configurable reservation entrypoints.

Technologies: node.js, express, MongoDB, angular, AWS SQS, heroku, redis

SW Engineer, Medical Specialties Distributors (Acquired Verbal in August 2015) — August 2015 - April 201

Lead SW Engineer, Verbal — Jan 2015 - August 2015

Mobile-first HIPAA-compliant communication system designed for patient-caregiver interaction. As the system was optimized for patients with aphasia, a core feature of the product was an interactive sentence builder, based on a hierarchial grid of icons that users could customize and then use to construct sentences to send to caregivers such as nurses, doctors, or loved ones.


Boston University, ‘11-‘15