Book Review: When to Rob a Bank

When Freakonomics first came out in 2005, it seemed like everyone & their grandma read it. When I first read it a few years later as a high schooler, I had never really thought about economics, or “economist-like” thinking. Naturally, the book left a big impression on me due to the style of thinking and also providing some interesting data on trends that one had maybe peripherally noticed.

Anyway, I was in a book shop before some travel and this caught my eye - I was looking for some light reading for the flight, and this seemed perfect. It’s a collection of blog posts from the Freakonomics blog (which I don’t peruse) so this was all fresh, bite-sized content. Each story was no longer than 3 pages, and most were shorter than that. This made it nicely consumable for my commute to work, since I could read a few stories without getting too ingested into a story.

Some of my favorites below: